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21,000 Americans die preventable deaths every year from radon-induced lung cancer. Because at least 1 in 3 Utah homes have high radon levels, UtahRadon.org is here to educate and protect Utahns from the dangers of radon.
Mission statement

Protecting Utahns statewide

Our mission is to reduce the number of unnecessary radon-induced lung cancer deaths in Utah through education and testing.

Meet the team

Our advisory board is comprised of healthcare professionals, community advocates, and radon professionals in Utah who are on the frontlines of radon education. If you're interested in helping us raise awareness, please contact us
Dr. Wallace L. Akerley
Dr. Wallace L. Akerley
Medical oncologist, Huntsman Cancer Institute
Dr. Wallace L. Akerley is the chairman of the Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), Director of the Lung Cancer Disease Center of Excellence at HCI, and member of the NCCN's Steering Committee for Small Cell Lung Cancer Panel and NSCLC Panel. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Akerley shares his vast knowledge of radon and radon-induced cancer with Utahns far and wide and views radon as “a public health issue of grand proportion.” From local interviews to peer-reviewed articles, Dr. Akerley has significantly increased radon awareness in Utah and is pleased to be on the UtahRadon.org team. See Dr. Akerley's interview with UtahRadon.org
Kerri Robbins
Community advocate and radon-induced lung cancer survivor
At 65 years old, Kerri Robbins received the shocking and life-changing diagnosis of stage four lung cancer. After discovering her lung cancer had metastasized to her brain, one of the doctors suggested testing her home for radon. Kerri’s home had radon levels so high they carried the risk of smoking three packs of cigarettes per day—all without her senses ever detecting them. Since her harrowing diagnosis, Kerri has met with countless neighbors and elected officials on her mission to inform others about the dangers of radon exposure. See Kerri's story
Todd Smith
Registered nurse, oncology
Todd Smith graduated from Westminster University with a bachelor’s degree in Registered Nursing. He has worked for Intermountain Healthcare, Legacy Health, Evolve Medical, and currently is an infusion nurse in oncology research at Utah Cancer Specialists. Todd’s love for oncology research and his patients is second to none. Todd met his wife, Rachel, in nursing school. They shared a passion for the medical field, and Rachel fulfilled her dream of becoming a neonatal flight nurse with Intermountain Lifeflight. Before she passed, her mantra in life was, “I never want to be useless when somebody I love needs me.” Todd is now continuing her legacy of kindness and love by sharing her story with the hope it will help save a life. See Todd's story
Bill Johnson
Community advocate and non-smoking lung cancer survivor
Bill Johnson is an avid mountain biker, skier, trail runner, and father of two young boys. In June 2023, Bill received a stage four non-smoking lung cancer diagnosis at the age of 43 without experiencing any typical symptoms of the disease. After researching potential causes, Bill learned about the high levels of radon in the state, and he now uses his time to educate Utahns and spread awareness about the dangers of radon exposure. See Bill's story
Connie Alexakos
Community advocate and non-smoking lung cancer survivor
Connie Alexakos is a Kamas resident and non-smoking lung cancer survivor. At 75 years old, Connie received a stage four lung cancer diagnosis, which metastasized to her bones and liver. After testing her home and finding radon levels equivalent to receiving over 500 X-rays per year, she quickly became a community advocate. Connie works alongside the team at UtahRadon.org to educate Utahns in the hopes of preventing additional radon-induced diseases. See Connie's story
Brad Callister
Vice President, Utah Radon Services
Brad is an NRPP-certified radon measurement professional and vice president of Utah Radon Services, Utah's largest radon testing and mitigation company. He works closely with medical, educational, and government experts and nonsmoking/radon-induced lung cancer survivors to increase radon awareness in Utah. He's a member of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) where he advocates for laws to protect Utah residents from radon. 
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